Lamb Skewers with Magical Powder at Shim Yang

DJ Koo: Co-owner of Shim Yang
Shim Yang in Apgujeong
Lamb Skewers
I love lamb. I think it is an excellent animal with the right amount of texture, flavor, and the flesh sears perfectly over coals. I think I was a Greek in a past life because the thought of lamb makes my mouth water and my stomach empty. Young lamb is always best, but mutton in a heavy curry isn't bad either. One of my new favorite restaurants in Apgujeong is Shim Yang because they do lamb skewers.

Here cubes of young lamb (1 year or younger) are put on metal skewers and seasoned with a mix of fine chili powder, sesame seeds, and anise. The dipping powder is a mix of exotic, spicy, and savory and accents the clean, non-gamey taste of the lamb. They will even give you a whole head of garlic so you can skewer it and grill it up as well. The place has a Chinese flair to it and you can get Chinese beers like Tsingtao or liquors.

The food at Shim Yang focuses on lamb. You can get lamb galbi if you are looking for more meat.

The food is fun, but you're going to have to eat many skewers to fill up (isn't that half the fun). If you are looking for more of a meal, they have corn noodles, buttery Lamb Kimchi Stew or soybean taste stew. 

The restaurant is the brain-child of Shim Tae and it is co-owned by his friend DJ Koo. DJ Koo was once part of the popular Korean dance and singing duo Clon. He is now a very popular DJ in the city and plays many of the top clubs. 

Shim Yang
Gangnam-gu Cheongdam-dong 2-bonji Sinwoo Building 1st Floor
Directions: Take a cab to Hakdong Sagaree. It is across from McDonalds
The Magical Dipping Powder at Shim Yang
There is more seating in the back at Shim Yang
Lamb Skewers at Shim Yang
Lamb Kimchi Stew with Ramen
The Menu at Shim Yang

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