South Korea: Food Land and Democracy Food Sovereignty Tour

I have a very exciting announcement to make. O'ngo Food Communications  will be working with Food Sovereignty Tours to do a 10 day tour of South Korea. The tour is organized in collaboration with the Korean Peasants League and the Korean Women's Peasant Association. On this tour we will explore the relationship of the farmers of Korea with the government and how they are viewed by a quickly modernizing nation.

You can find out more about Food Sovereignty Tours and instructions on how to sign up on their website.



South Korea: Food, Land and Democracy


May 10 – 20, 2012

Explore Korean cuisine and the centuries-long struggle of South Korean farmers for land reform and democracy. You will visit contemporary and historical sites of struggle that have defined the modern history of Korea. From a feudal society, to a Japanese colony, Korea was liberated only to be ravaged by one of the most brutal wars in which more than 3 million Koreans were killed and the peninsula was divided. In recent times South Korean farmers have become famous for their persistent struggle against global trade liberalization. Today, South Korean peasants are at the forefront of the food sovereignty movement promoting local food, native seed preservation, Korean reunification, democracy, and women’s rights.
On this tour, you will visit cooperatives and speak to peasants, farmers and activists who are working to promote a democratic local food system that respects the history, tradition, and culture of the Korean people as an alternative to the hyper-modernization that Korea is known for in mainstream media. You will experience a Korea not often seen by outsiders and enjoy some of the most beautiful and serene areas of the “land of the morning calm” and meet the people of this beautiful country. This tour is organized in collaboration with the Korean Peasants League and the Korean WomensPeasant Association.
Tour highlights include
  • Visit local food markets in Seoul take a culinary tour oftraditional Korean foods
  • Meet with leaders of the Korean Peasant’s League, Korean Women’s Peasant Association, and law makers supporting Food Sovereignty in Korea
  • Visit the site of the Donghak Peasant Revolution of 1894
  • Visit Gwangju, site of the Gwangju Massacre in 1980
  • Visit Jeju Island, a volcanic island south of the mainland with unique environment, people, and food and earn about the struggles of Jeju farmers against foreigninvasions and preservation of peace
  • Learn about the potential impacts of the U.S. Free Trade Agreement with South Korea on small farmers
  • Explore the motivations behind South Korea’s land grabs in Africa
  • Take a Korean Cooking class
  • Visit a women’s native seeds cooperative in Jeju
  • Meet the inspiring women of a CSA cooperative in Sangju
  • Eat a vegetarian meal at a beautiful Buddhist temple

Tour Cost: $2,490

Price includes:
  • All in-country transportation during the tour, including domestic RT flight to Jeju Island
  • Three-star hotel accommodations
  • 2-3 meals daily plus all scheduled tastings and cooking classes (vegetarian options may be limited in some cases; flexibility is recommended)
  • Food First policy analyst on the entire tour, local guides, guest speakers and translators
  • Preparatory reading materials
  • All scheduled program activities, including admission to museums and historical sites
  • Food First membership and Global Exchange membership
  • NOT INCLUDED: International airfare, most beverages, tips and personal expenses
For more background on food sovereignty in South Korea, see:

Come take a cooking class or take a Culinary Tour in Seoul!
Pictures are taken either with my Panasonic DMC-G2 Camera with 20mm Lens or with my iPhone 4G
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