Gamrodang: Food of the Gods


Named after the first dew in the morning, which according to folklore is the food of the gods, Gamrodang offers an array of whimsical vegan dishes. The restaurant is set in a multi-story house and the staff treats each guest like they are family. The chef/owner, Young-hee Hong, studied under many monks such before putting her own spin on temple cuisine. This restaurant uses some very unusual ingredients such as cactus to flavor and color kimchi, bamboo salt that is roasted to 1500 degrees celcius, stringy algae, and sauce that is made of over 20 different ingredients. The highlights of my meal were the grilled mushroom that smelled of pine, the assorted pan-fried delicacies, and the stuffed and steamed pumpkin topped with assorted nuts. The pumpkin dish tasted like a pecan and pumpkin pie all at once.

Seoul, Jongno-gu Dongweidong 35-106

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