Food Sovereignty Trip to South Korea: Food, Land and Democracy May 10-20, 2012

Next year O'ngo Food Communications along with Food Sovereignty Tours is planning a trip to Korea to show the real artisan world of Korea through the first food sovereignty tour in Korea. We'll spend 10 days  visiting farms, meeting with food cooperatives and activists and explore the exciting world of Korean cuisine through eating and through hands-on activities. We already have a number of sign-ups and we are looking forward to making this the most educational and immersive tour that Korea has ever done.

Here is more information on the tour:

Travel to South Korea with Food First!
."South Korea: Food, Land and
May 10 - 20, 2012
Explore Korean cuisine and the centuries-long struggle of South Korean farmers for land reform and democracy. In recent times South Korean farmers have become famous for their struggle against global trade liberalization. On this tour, you will visit cooperatives and speak to farmers and activists who are working to promote a democratic local food system that respects the history, tradition, and culture of the Korean people. This tour is organized in collaboration with Ongo Food Tours, the Korean Peasants League and the Korean Women’s Peasant Association.

Tour Cost: $2490
For more information, contact Tanya at 510-654- 4400 ext. 223 or

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