Pictures of Dinner of Night's Past Poong Worl

Last night I was out with my foodie friends in Garusugil. We went to our Charlie Cha Cha Cha's place: Poong Worl. The food is good there and so is the atmosphere.

First,we had a very fresh shellfish sashimi salad. Giant scallop, oyster and more were precisely cut and put in a chilled, refreshing, vinegary seafood broth. The oysters were outstanding and so were the jellyfish noodles in the broth.

We then had a natto omelet. Also good, but the natto is a little slimey but I love so it is good for me. I really recommend their mentako omelet. It has fish eggs in side.

It is located on the left side of Garusugil (towards Sinsa station). It is near Papergarden, next to the 7-11.

Poong Worl
02-547-9923 call if you get lost.

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