Whole Lobster Deconstructed for Dinner

Whole Lobster Dinner at Sausalito
Sausalito Lobster

One of the better meals that I have had in the last years was a Sausalito Lobster. The giant lobster came out like a the centerpiece of the table and it was expertly deconstructed by the host.

The host puts on a show as he dissects the entire lobster from claw to flipper (yes, there is meat in the flipper and it tastes subtle and velvety.) The fried rice made with the innards of the mustard at the end is epic. A full review is forth coming with more pictures.

A lobster here costs about 50,000-70,000. Reservations recommended.

Near Fraser Suites Hotel in Insadong. Jongno-gu Insa-ro 285-ro. Ph# 02-720-5077.

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