Bukchon Handmade (and Fried) Dumplings

I need a break of writing so I am...writing. Anyway, this is one of the better franchises to open in Korea. I mean how many coffee shops and tteokbokki (or is it tobokki) places do we need? Bukchon Son Mandu are monsterous dumplings that are stuffed with pork, crushed tofu, and sweet potato noodles. The best part about this place is that they will deep fry them so they are crispy and fricken hot.

They are the perfect thing to fight the fridgid cold these days.

You can find them all over, but this location is right before Samziegil on Insadong Street.

Bukchon Handmade Dumplings
Bukchon Handmade (Son) Dumplings

Bukchon Fried Dumplings

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