Romantic Christmas

This was originally published in the December issue of Seoul Magazine. It has been reprinted with permission.

Christmas in Korea is a holiday for couples. If you don't plan
adequately, there won't be any restaurants to take your beau to and
you'll just be left out in the cold. Here are some romantic places to
spend your christmas dinner at.

South of the River

Italian Bistro Arumdaum Sik

This hip Italian restaurant offers an array of flavorful Italian
dishes in a cool atmosphere. Their authentic carbonara and classic
caesar are the best I have had in the city and each meal starts with a
complementary soup and finishes with homemade panna cotta or ice

Near COEX. Gangnam-gu, Samseong-dong 129-14 Ph# 02-564-0987.

Table 34

Located on the 34th floor of the InterContinental Seoul Parnas
Building, this is one of the top restaurants for French food in the
city. From paté, consummè, steak, to cake, they offer superbly made
cuisine using the finest local and overseas ingredients.

On the 34th floor of InterContinental Seoul Parnas. Ph# 02-559-7631.

Dining Bar Shun

After spending 9 years in Japan, Pak Beom-seok returned to his homeland with an arsenal of skills. His tofu salad has the texture of mozzarella, his acid sushi is like cervichè, and his sashimi is expertly cut.

Gangnam-gu, Samseong-dong 150-14. Ph# 02-501-0449.

North of the River

Sausalito Lobster

The steamed whole lobster with a table full of sauces and side dishes is a sumptuous feast in this homey restaurant. The owner puts on a show as he dissects the entire lobster from claw to flipper. The fried rice at the end is epic.

Near Fraser Suites Hotel in Insadong. Jongno-gu Insa-ro 285-ro. Ph# 02-720-5077.


This Korean restaurant set in a hanok prides itself in having using homemade sauces and pastes. The coursed meal includes fresh mountain greens salad with an apple dressing, wild sesame soup, pork with kimchi wraps, and lotus rice.

In Insadong. Jongno-gu Gwanghoon-dong 84-13. Ph# 02-730-9301.

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