Thoughts on Food: Winter

I am not a cold climate person. As the weather becomes colder I become lethargic and gluttonous. It must be because I feel like death is coming. Oh, and I get morbid in winter- it must be because death is coming...

To survive my days, I have been eating as many fatty things as possible and then forcing myself to got outside so my internal combustion engine can convert it into warmth.

My diet is usually full of veggies, fish, and rice. These days I am drawn to lots of fatty meats (especially duck), burgers, potatoes, and bread. This can't be good for my cholesterol or for my waistline.

I feel like I should join a gym, but that idea fills me with ennui. Maybe I should go someplace warm on vacation, but work and responsibilities prevent me from doing that.

The only sunshine in my life has been the egg yolk in my bowl of blood red sundubu stew which I like to pop open and let the yolk add savoriness to the tofu.

Come on global warming, do your bidding already.


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