Tapas and Wine at 48th Street in Cheongdam, Seoul

Cheongdam is where all the rich and fabulous people hang out and one place in particular that is quite nice is 48th Street by Cheongdam Intersection. This place has multiple stories. The first floor has a cafe like atmosphere with a very interesting arrangement for seating. The seating feels like it is something out of an MC Esher painting. Here you can get coffee or food.

The food at 48th Street is contemporary European. You can get pastas, steaks, grilled fish and fresh salads. There is nothing new age, modern or fusion here. They do classic combinations using good ingredients and good technique.

What I found quite nice here was that:
1) they are open 24 hours
2) they have a decent alcohol selection
3) they have a decent tapa's menu that is delicious and won't break the bank

I often host guests south of the river (Gangnam) and it is quite nice to sit some place that isn't sleazy or overpriced to have some wine or whisky and good conversation. When I went I had a sampling of their tapas to go along with some white wine. I had sirloin with mozzarella cheese that was drizzled with a balsamic reduction and a chiffonade of basil. The meat was cooked medium rare and the mozzarella was quite good as well.

I also tried the foie gras that was over matchsticks of apple. My foie gras was cooked perfectly and the savoriness of the liver paired well with the apple (and also with my sauvignon blanc). Finally, the escargot with mushrooms in garlic butter was a flavor bomb that made me use quite a few rolls to sop up all the deliciousness. The nice dusting of sea salt on the dish was a nice touch as well. Quite delicious.

The tapas here ranged from about 8-12,000 won for a small plate so you could easily get a few with a bottle or two of wine and get out for under 200,000 won. They were running a special there when I was there and you could get a few tapas and a bottle of wine for only 130,000 won. If you are looking for a late night place in a nice atmosphere then this is a good choice.

Cheongdam 48 Bonji (청담 48번지)
Gangnam-gu Cheongdam-dong 48 bonji
*Full Disclosure. I was invited by 48th street for a meeting to do a food event there and the management invited me to a tasting while we talked.

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