Revisited: OK Kitchen

Sashimi Platter at O Kitchen
Tuna Platter (Susumu's Dinner)
Susumu Yongari
Whenever I go to O Kitchen I feel like I am visiting old friends. Well, the friends that I would really like to meet: artistic foodies that can hold a decent conversation while juggling knives. This is a place I have visited extensively and so I will let the photos tell the story.

The menu during my last visit was:

/An Assorted Sashimi Platter that included Sea squirt, halibut, mackerel, snapper and more
/A Polenta Cake with soft boiled quail egg
/Persimmon Sorbet
/A Pastrami cold plate with garden grown carrots
/Seafood Pasta with Ugly Ravioli
/Chicken Four Ways
/Fish Four Ways
/Dessert Platter that included Persimmon Pie, Beet dessert topped with Gorgonzola Ice Cream and Chocolate Souffle with mint cream

Garden Grown Carrot

Fish Four Ways
Chicken Four ways
Chocolate with Espresso Ice Cream and Mint Cream
Beet Souffle with Gorgonzola Ice Cream
Persimmon Pie
Dessert at O Kitchen

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