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In Search of the Best Burrito in Seoul: Taco Amigo

Written and Photographed

by Troyzitzberger

Having found the best kebab in Seoul I am now working on one of my new pursuits: discovering the best burrito Seoul has to offer. My first stop is Taco Amigo in HBC. It’s a nice and cozy hobbit hole that is open from 11am to 10pm Tuesday through Sunday.

I first ordered the chicken burrito (₩7,000), extra spicy.

When the burrito arrived before me I noticed that the burrito took up half the plate. Needless to say it was definitely large enough to fill me up. The tortilla shell came fully loaded with rice, jalapenos, onions, refried beans, green pepper, chicken, salsa and the key ingredient that makes it authentic, cilantro!

I must say the heat factor was mediocre; enough to satisfy the average Joe, but it left me reaching for the hot sauce. My main grievance with this burrito is the rice to all other ingredients ratio. I found that the abundance of rice distracted my taste buds. There was still good flavor but it didn’t have the boom that less rice would garner. The chicken was peppery and juicy. The vegetables were crunchy. And the cilantro reminded me of what anything south of the border should taste like. When it comes to bang for your buck, the large burrito filled me up at a cost that wasn't too traumatizing for my wallet.

I am on to my next burrito destination, any suggestions?

Name: Taco Amigo

Rating: * *1 Star: Good: Food is good, but aspects of the meal could be improved
Cost: $ Under 10 USD

Directions: Get off the 3 line at Noksapyeong Station, exit 2 and walk down the hill. It is directly across from Taco Chili Chili and the Waffle Factory, Noksapyeong-daero 222.

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