ISearch of the Best Burrito in Seoul: Taco Taco Chili Chili = Blah...


Taco Taco Chili Chili

Written by Troyzitzberger

Oh burrito’s, how my hunger for you thrives. I search for you far and wide but have yet to find you in your purest form...(outside of Mexico that is).

In the search for Seoul’s best burrito, I just finished a mediocre imitator that was lacking the authentic pizzaz that the establishment across the street has. I’m talking about TACO Chili Chili. The establishment drew me in with their south of the border feel and use of red, green and yellow so I figured I’d give it a go. I ordered the chicken burrito extra spicy and still had to reach for the hot sauce. What the burrito had: chicken, lettuce, jalapeno’s, onion, rice, cheese, and of course the tortilla shell.

What it didn’t have: cilantro, the primary ingredient that separates the imitators from the real deal.

What it was lacking: chicken, there just wasn’t much in it.

On the flipside, the burrito wasn’t the largest I’ve found but it did manage to fill me up. For the price tag (₩ 7,000), it wasn’t bad. However, the best is still out there and I, being the determined young foodie I am, will seek it out come hell or high water.
Stay posted my friend’s, it’s out there.

Name: Taco Taco Chili Chili

Rating: 0 stars. No taste, no spice, no meat.

Cost: $ Under 10 USD

When Visited: December 2012

With Whom: Friends

Directions: Taco Taco Chili Chili TACO Chili Chili is located right across the street from Taco Al Pastor. Get off the 3 line at Noksapyeong Station, exit 2 and walk down the hill. It is right next to the Waffle Factory, Noksapyeong-daero 222.

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