Good-bye 2011, Hello 2012

Seoul Eats
It has been the worst of times, it has been the best of times. 
I have made new friends, lost some old friends and reconnected and reconciled with others. 
I have learned new strengths and discovered many weaknesses- 2012 is another year to improve on.
I fell into some old bad habits, yet made some good new ones.
I have some regrets but I am hopeful for the future.
I spent some money, but made some as well.
I helped some that needed help but I could have helped more.
I have been haughty and arrogant to some yet humble to others- this year I will try to be more stable.
I start the year looking forward while learning from the past.
I am thankful of friends I have and I look forward to new friends in the future.
Happy 2012!
Seoul Eats
Seoul Eats

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