Saturday Cooking Class Schedule: January 14th Mandu

On Saturday, January 14th we'll be making Korean dumplings in celebration of the Korean New Years!

Our Saturday Classes are designed for those looking for more interesting Korean dishes and those that are currently living in Korea. On Saturday, they are attractively priced at only 55,000 won per session. ($52 USD).

Classes will be taught in English by Chef Hyejin and after the class there is a market tour. You'll first see a demonstration of how to make the dishes, then you'll make your own dish. After the class there is a market tour.

January 14 - Pork and Kimchi Dumplings Mandu, cabbage salad
January 28 - Bulgogi, geotjori (Fresh Kimchi Salad)

February 11 - Sundubu stew, Bean sprout salad
February 25 - Andong Jjimdak (black braised chicken), Cubed Radish salad

March 10 - Spicy Stir-fried chicken, Spring namul (vegetable side dishes)
March 24 - Beef Japchae, Cucumber kimchi Here is our Saturday Schedule for Cooking Classes.

Classes will start at 10am on Saturdays and the cost on Saturdays will be 55,000 won per person. If you pay in advance via Korean bank transfer the cost is 50,000 won or Paypal ($48 USD). Please fill out the form below to reserve.

*No refunds for cancellations not made 24 hours in advance or guests that don't show up will be charged for the class. Please be courteous to those that would like to take the class. Sign-up form:

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