A Fat Foodie Loses Weight: Chapter 1: First Steps






Distance: 5.42 km/ Calories: 413

Breakfast: 1 egg over easy
2 slices bacon
2 biscuits
A half a tomato

Snack: 1 small cup of coffee w/ Irish cream and 1 packet of brown sugar. A yogurt cup with granola.

Lunch: Meatloaf from Randy's Diner with apple sauce and a salad with Greek dressing with feta cheese. Half a slice of key lime pie.

Dinner: Dakbokkeum tang(Korean spicy chicken with potatoes and carrots) with radish kimchi

Snack: 5 jalapeño jelly beans, 3 or 4 daves insanity nuts, Piece of frosted chocolate cake with a glass of whole milk

I am in Florida and I am trying to:
Have a great vacation, spend time with my family, have fun and lose some weight. Is it possible? I don't know. But what I do know is that it is 1am and I have a bad case of jetlag. I think it was the chocolate cake that got me all hopped up.

I thought that if I had exercised a lot that I would wear myself out and then I would be able to go to bed early tonight and I would wake up tomorrow at a normal time and then I would just be fine.

Somethings just don't work out.

I am trying to write about the things I eat because I need the extra motivation from you to keep me motivated. When I feel there is a story and an audience I tend to be more disciplined. Also, it will probably answer the people's questions about how I (try) to stay thin.

During the warmer months I try to run every day but in Seoul it is cold. I don't like cold. It makes me lazy, tired and depressed. This means I eat too much and sleep too much.

Now that I am in Florida, I am trying to pretend it is warmer and I am running more. My goal is to run every day and when I return to Seoul join a gym. That is if I don't work myself to death and obsess over work. (I tend to do this.)

Now it is will versus American food. What I have noticed in the US of A is that EVERYTHING is BIG. In Korea, the sodas are one liter, energy drinks are tiny, and sandwiches leave you hungry. When I bought a coffee at the store, I realized that the small was the size of the medium coffee at Korean Starbucks and that candy bars and sandwiches are just too big. (Do we need a 12 inch Cuban sub?)

Sorry, but I feel like I am a bit too far removed from America.

Let me rehash. I will talk about food. Breakfast was good. I needed it and I love biscuits and gravy. I ate the yogurt because I heard that you should eat a yogurt in a country you travel to because it will get your stomach acclimated to the bacteria in the place you are traveling to.

Randy's diner was great. It was nice getting a salad (even though it was one of those salads in a bag). The meatloaf was huge and I liked getting apple sauce as a side. The key lime pie at the end was tart, creamy and way too sweet. The graham cracker crust was amazing.

I cooked dinner. I deboned a chicken that my mom made the night before and I cooked it up with some potatoes and carrots and a red chili paste. The dish worked and my parents liked it.

After dinner we had some snacks and then I drank 2 beers trying to go to sleep.

WTF. Jet lag. I need sleep.

Oh, just remembered that I ate spicy jelly beans. God bless America.


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