Fat Foodie: Day 2: Fail




No exercise. Walked 3069 steps so burned 125 calories.

Breakfast: none.
Snack: 1 chocolate truffle
Lunch: 3 pork asados with rice and refrained beans at azteca
Snack: Reese's blizzard (small) and a watermelon vodka daquiri
Dinner: a couple glasses of black stone merlot and a maker's mark Whisky. I nibbled on a few fries, a bit of bread, some salad with coconut shrimp and 2 bites of caramel coffee cheesecake.

Not a good health day. I am suffering from horrible jet lag and only slept like 7 hours in two days and I am forcing myself to stay awake.

Today I didn't go for a run because my legs are really sore and I got up late (in Florida it means it was hot). I are too much and drank too much but I think it is because I am on vacation. I plan on cooking a Korean BBQ feast for my family then.

I will try to eat better and exercise tomorrow.


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