Fat Foodie: Day 5: 177-3





Deep Fried Pickles, deep fried kool aide, ribs 3 ways, brisket, redneck nachos, ice cream, etc.

How the heck did I end up losing 3 pounds? I weighed myself for the first time 5 days ago and the scale told me I weighed 177 pounds. One year ago I weighed 165 pounds. My foodie lifestyle is not food for my waistline. I am also not a winter person do I haven't exercised much since it got cold.

While being on vacation in Florida, I have been trying to exercise as much as possible. Tonight I weighed myself and I scaled in at 174 pounds!

It must have been all the exercise. I have run an average of 7 km a day and I have done about 20 laps in the pool for the last 2 days.

The other thing I have been doing is just tasting when I eat. I like traveling with my family because I can order one thing and just take a bite and taste. The best day for tasting was on Saturday when I went to an outside BBQ event called Ribs on the Ridge. In my group there were 6 people and we ate a lot. I think we spent over 100 dollars on food, but I didn't feel full afterwards. OK, maybe a little but I skipped dinner (I didn't really feel like eating until the next day).

That night for dinner I made a big salad for my father (a Korean friend told me that lettuce is good for people that suffer from insomnia) and I made a plate of leftovers for my mother but she spent the evening taking care of my niece (her grandchild) Olivia.

I guess the common sense idea that if you exercise and eat less, you'll lose weight.




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