Guest Review: A Little Piece of San Francisco in Incheon

2/26/2012 16:50:16 Yitzike February 2012 Friends "Fog City International Cafe is a lovely little piece of San Francisco nestled in Incheon. Run by a family which is both American and Korean, this small restaurant and cafe is very welcoming and charming.

First, the food: our party of four foreigners ordered the Fog City Cafe thin crust pizza, which I feel is the best pizza I've had since leaving Canada. It was all the little things, like the sauce with just a hint of of peppers to give it that extra kick, the perfectly melted cheese, the fresh ingredients, and the classic taste of a stone baked oven pizza.

Next, there was the sourdough. Perfectly fresh, and as the name implies, just a little bit sour. Delicious. Some of the freshest bread I've had in Korea. What was really nice was that we ordered vegetable soup, and the sourdough loaf was used as the bowl for the soup itself.

Everything was just perfect, even down to the perfectly brewed black coffee after the meal.

Although I did not try any during this meal, there was also an extensive selection of California wines. I plan to order a bottle next time we visit.

Secondly, and most importantly, was the service. The family team of Bob, Hyuna, and Daniel Weimer made us feel right at home. We had a good conversation with Bob about his experiences living in Korea and starting up this family business in Incheon. They even offered to send us each a loaf of sourdough and makgeolli bread afterwards. The makgeolli bread was also quite delicious.

Overall, the thing that impressed me the most about this place was its authenticity and its warmth. Coming from a foreigner living in Korea, I definitely appreciated a quality thin crust pizza made the way we do it back at home, or a finely ground and freshly brewed cup of coffee, as opposed to the ever present Americano.

I definitely plan to make the trek out to Incheon to visit this place the next time that I'm in Seoul. I have to say, even though I live in Gyeongnam and this restaurant is several hours away from me, it was definitely worth the trip. " $$ 10- 20 USD ***** 5 Stars: One of the finest eats in the city of Seoul (and possibly the world) Fog City International Cafe "Jung-gu Jungang-dong1ga 19-1
Incheon, South Korea
Tel: +8232-766-9024
Fax: +8232-772-9025

인천광역시 중구 중앙동1가 19-1

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