Karaoke | Noraebang (노래방)

This article feels unnecessary. There are dozens, hundreds perhaps, of articles dedicated to Korean singing rooms. As such I'll leave out all background information, and just talk about my experience last night. It was pretty typical... meaning, typically awesome.

After my friends and I finished eating the best chicken in Korea we walked aimlessly for a while and eventually stumbled into this very typical noraebang. We smuggled some wine in but out of courtesy bought 2 cans of Hite for 4,000 (actually to be honest, moreso because we forgot to bring cups and they give some with the beers). The total for one hour and two beers came out to be 28,000. Actually it came out to be about an hour 20 minutes as noraebangs typically give you 10-15min free and another 10-15 if you beg nicely.

After we paid, the older front-desk gentleman nonchalantly asked if we wanted some girls. We replied no thanks, to which he looked sincerely confused, raising one bushy grey eyebrow. I've always known that it's common practice for men to visit noraebangs and be entertained with some working girls, but somehow, despite the dozens of times I've been, this was the first time I was verbally offered. He didn't seem to understand why three young guys would come to noraebang on a Saturday night without wanting some girls.

Noraebang Controller
The remote control looks like it should power a space ship. But once you get the hang of it, and preferably, learn a little Korean, it's fairly simple. Additionally only half the buttons are usually used. Following is a visual guide I've made with my barely adequate photoshop skills. Larger size for download or print is available here.
Noraebang Remote Explained

Eddie, Mike, and I grew up together playing music in church and so it felt like old times. These guys rocked it. Be sure to check out Mike and Eddie beatboxing.

Hahaha. I just found these pics from a night out with my Business School classmates. Things can get corazy.

More pictures can be found here.
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