Seafood Soup and Cockles Bibimbap at Yeonnam Sikdang 연안식당

Seafood soup from yeonnam sikdang 연안식당. It’s the best thing to have in Korea on a frigid day. I think Korea does not get enough credit for their seafood, especially their soups. The daikon radish in the broth just adds something that is light, sweet yet not over powering. The leeks and watercress also add a bit of freshness as well. This soup had clams, red scallops and much more.

The restaurant is also famous for their bibimbap made with cockles, chilies, green onions and buchu which is like a chive, but not. If you add some of their special sesame oil it makes it amazing.

This restaurant has branches all over but I am a fan of the Mangwon one because the owners are nice.

Yeonnam Sikdang 연안식당
[KakaoMap] 연안식당 망원점
134, World Cup-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul 

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