Korean Street Truck Adventures: Korean T-Shirts Help!

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Foodie Friends, the Mysterious Miss L's food truck is getting closer to reality and we'll have fun pictures of her truck soon with a revelation of who she is and where her truck will be.

She recently asked me for some help for her T-shirt designs and I thought, I would ask you as well. She is looking for funny, tongue-in-cheek, Koreanisms that Americans would find quirky things like what Chipotle did on their shirts that are related to Korean food.

This is what Chipotle wrote: Life is Burritoful; Braising is Amazing, Powered by Chipotle. ETC. What do you think? Help out my friend Ms. L with her food truck!

UPDATE: I asked Facebook and here is what they came up with:

Doddie: I would submit one popular blog name: Kiss My Kimchi!

Nicole: Fermentality

Susan: Do you want a mandu. My uncle came to the states and heard people say mtn dew he thought they were saying mandu lol

Jennifer: kimchiminy christmas!

Jennifer Ballew ‎"bulgo...get yourself some!" Yeah! Let's see how more I can do...

Jennifer ‎"gochu...jah mon!" Ok, that was a stretch. ;)

Jennifer  ‎"gochujang on my tongue!"
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Jennifer: I think I'm done now.

Nicole: Chillin' and grillin'

Chris: Get jjigae with it!
• KiMMMbop!
• Galbi darned/damned7

Nicole: Stewpendous

Chris: What's up, ddeok?

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