HELP ME! Campaign to change Tripadvisor's category from Tours to Activities

Oh, Tripadvisor...How I love you and loathe you.

For the last year, our cooking school and culinary tour company has been either the number 1 attraction in Seoul or number 1 tour in Seoul. Before since we were a cooking school we could have been in the attractions category. However, starting on April 1st, I noticed that tripadvisor has changed their policy and has now moved all cooking schools to the tours category.

I understand why they might not want cooking schools in the attraction category, but the tours category is not a good place for them either. I suggest that they rename the tours category to "Activities" or "Activities/ Tours."

Most travelers won't even consider a tour, but they will consider activities. I think that this will help many travelers find things to do. Also, this will help businesses in the tourism industry (like us).

The top attractions in Korea currently are:

1. Myeongdong Nanta
2. Seoul Metro
3. The War Memorial of Korea
4. National Museum of Korea
5. Samcheong-dong Bukchon

Our company is still ranked #1 overall, but right now (Go to Mobile site to see), but it is hard to find unless you go to the tours category. Plus Nanta is on the attractions list and the nightlife list 3 times for their different theatres (I don't think this is necessary). I mean how many times do you need to see Nanta?

So... My New Mission: help me get tripadvisor to rename the tours category to Activities or Activites/tours email them at
You could write this:

Dear Tripadvisor,

Have you considered changing the name of the category to "Activities" or "Activities/Tours" I think this would help travelers more. I don't think many travelers even consider tours and now activities such as cooking classes, Zipline courses, and others. Also, I think it should be announced when you are changing the category listings because many travelers will be confused when activities and sites are changing from category to category.

Thank you,

...(your name)

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