Les Toques Blanches Meeting at JW Marriot


Les Toques Blanches chef's association in Korea is an association for people that work in the hospitality industry. It used to be exclusively for hotel chefs, but now they have many others as members from those that work at food and ingredient companies, hospitality companies, cooking schools, and restaurants big and small.

The meeting last night we honored Mr. Ashley Cheeseman of the Grand Hilton Hotel with an honorary membership and we heard news around the room about what other chefs are working on in Seoul. It was also a bit of a sad meeting as well, because the long time president, Remo Berdux, announced that he will be stepping down from his post after May to take a position at the InterContinental Hotel in Cairo.

Last night's meeting was at the JW Marriot Hotel and the chef, Andreas Kampf, really shown with a variety of courses.

First course was a tuna sashimi that was speared with a stalk of green rice and served over ice lettuce and seaweed salad.

Second course was giant snails with a butter garlic crumb.

Third: Hanwoo beef wrapped around paella and served with a double boiled beef consumme

Fourth: Sous Vide Egg with foie gras served in an egg shell. This was absolutely amazing. The egg was like velvet and the foie gras in place of egg yolk was inventive and mouth watering.

Fifth: Braised beef that was so tender that the beef could be cut with a fork served with celery mira poix which was creatively served in a tiny bottle.

Dessert: Crispy ice cream with strawberries, cream and grand mariner.

If you are someone that works in the food industry and would like to become a member of Les Toques Blanc, please visit the website. www.ltbkorea.com
















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