Revamped Map Feature

I'm proud to announce that the MAP has been revamped, updated, and organized. In addition to providing excellent news and information on Korean food, it's our goal for this website to be an excellent resource to answer the question: "Where should I eat today?". So before the next time you head out to eat, check the map for something in your neighborhood. On the map we only list our favorite places, so everything there comes highly recommended.

And it doesn't only have restaurants. Bars, cafes, and even some activities are there as well. In the future this map can be found on the link on the right side of this homepage, and at the bottom of most restaurant reviews.

Each link has a brief summary of our review, and a link to our full review. icons are sorted by color. The cuisine is indicated by the picture, and price by color. Also bars, cafes, bakeries, and activities have unique colors.
$ = BLUE | $$ = ORANGE | $$$ = RED | $$$$ = PURPLE
Cafes/Bakeries = TEAL | Bars/Pubs = MAROON | Activities = GREEN

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please let me know in the comments. I apologize for the delay, there were lots of technical bugs I had to work out and I've also been very busy these days. Also a few of the links are broken, because those reviews will be coming up on this site within the next week. They're already written and posted, just scheduled to arrive once a day.

Check out the new map here.

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