Creative Project #1: Korean Food T-Shirts

Back in University, I was a writer and a creative spirit. Really, believe me. I even majored in creative writing, had a Bob Marley Rasta Hat and I was the President of Sigma Tau Delta (I know...STD), the English Honor Society. I wrote a few plays back in the day and even had some performed. I was also a poetry teacher and I spend long afternoons jazzed out on espresso.
Now I am in food, but I still get the urge to be creative. I think that my creative energy has helped me in my present career (even though I wish I took a few business classes).
These days, I am being creative again and I am happy to reveal our first new project. These are called ice breaker shirts and they have pictures of Korean food so travelers can wear something stylish and maybe they can ask Korean people about where they can find the food.
We were able to find a talented local artist to make the icons and we are looking to start making them soon. 
If you would like to donate to the project, we would really appreciate it. It helps us pay the artists and refine the product before we start making them. We only plan on making 50 or so of each shirt.
If you donate 20 USD, we'll even send you a shirt as a thank you. (27 USD if outside of Korea to cover shipping).
Thanks, Dan

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