Dream Cafe: Donation Study Concept

I am at Dream Cafe which is a study room, creative space concept that is run by the Cyworld group. Cyworld could have been the Google of Korea a long time ago before they sold their concept and eventually see it slowly lose popularity due to other social networking concepts like Facebook. It seems to be trying to get some of the creative brainshare they were once known for. The cafe is quiet and people here are studying and working on projects. It's something I desperately needed because cafes in Korea are so noisy. The vibe is cool as well.

The staff are friendly and open minded and they make decent food. I had a coffee and yogurt- the cost of which is a donation. I could be cheap and pay 1,000 won but grateful for the quiet contemplative afternoon, I gave 10,000.

Dream Cafe
Open 9am-10pm
070 4225 0929
Jongno-gu Jongno 2-ga 3fl






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