Hu's Table: a Discombobulated Italian Cafe



I know that is hard to survive as a restaurant. Especially if you are in an area that might not get too much foot traffic. Most businesses think the menu is the blame and they start to add and add and add stuff. I think that is what happened at Hu's Table. Billed as an Italian Table, they have Italian food, coffee, sandwiches, wines beer and Patbingsu. A whole lot of stuff. Which is not bad if you can do them all well. I go there for coffee once in a while and recently I tried their strawberry Patbingsu. I was imagining shaved ice with fresh strawberries but what I got was ice with frozen strawberries topped with strawberry ice cream. Fresh would have been better but frozen was pretty awful.

The atmosphere is cool. They have drawings all over the walls and an array of colored pencils. It is a cool place to relax and have coffee or wine.

Service could be better but it is run by one person. Anyway. Cool cafe but the Patbingsu could be improved.

Hu's Table
Jongno-Gi Gahwae-dong 70-2
종로구 가희동 70-2

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