Ice Cream Waffle at Beans Bins



I am out with my mother in Seoul so we did some lunch and I did some shopping and now we are relaxing at Beans Bins Coffee having an ice cream waffle. What you get is two scoops of ice cream (my mother ordered vanilla and strawberry). The ice cream comes on a big waffle topped with banana, whipped cream, grapes and powdered sugar- oh and chocolate syrup, I just found out it was the first time she ever had this and she says it is, "cool and delicious." She asked if it was bread and I told her it was like a pancake or fish bread (뽕어빵). She likes it very much.

For me it is nothing special, but I have had this before at different places. I think the waffle is too light and there is too much whipped cream. The ice cream is good and the bananas are ripe. For 13,500, it is a bit expensive and my mother scolded me about this. But then again, we are here for the experience. To spend the afternoon with my mother is worth more than all the money in the world.

Beans Bins Coffee
Jung-Gi Chunmuro 1ga 23-1 2fl
02 3789 1980


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