Korea Private Tours: Customized Art and Food Tour for Kel

I have to say, I love my job. As part of O'ngo Food Communications I often get asked to do custom, Korea private tours for clients that are in Korea for a very short period of time but would like to see as much as possible. This could be people that are on a layover or on a business trip. Our tours are not touristy. They seek to get the traveler into Korea to see what locals would see. Private tours are customizable to I try to pick spots that are in line with the guests interests. Luckily, as a Seoulite that has lived here for 7 years, I know my the city (and other cities. I'll show you some shots about my Jeonju and Gyeongju tours later).  I like to go on cultural jaunts that include good food along the way. Here are some shots I took during my recent tour with Keith from Tennessee. He wanted a tour that focused on food, design, and insight into what the young hip Koreans are up to. In a way this was a consulting trip for him since it was similar to the field of work he was in (design). He also challenged me to find him something spicy. I think I did it with one of my favorite spicy ramen places.

If you are looking to explore Korea in style, I hope you'll contact us.

Daniel Gray

O'ngo Food Communications

Korea Private Tours

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