Chocolate Factory: Custom Made and Delivered Chocolates

I like presents. But then again who doesn't. So when I was sent an email by the Chocolate Factory to review their products I was happy to do so and I quickly sent off an order.

The concept of the chocolate factory is that you can order the type of chocolate you would like: Milk, Dark, or White and then you can choose your toppings. They have a lot of toppings such as macadamia nuts, almonds, Reese's pieces, mint, m & m's, cookie dough pieces, teddy grahams and much more. You can custom design your own chocolate and then it will be delivered in a cool box.

The turn around is quite fast. I placed the order on a Tuesday and I got the box on Wednesday. Inside was the chocolate I ordered.

The custom one I made was a dark chocolate with mint, macadamia nuts, teddy cookies and cookie dough candy. I was going for a mint chocolate cookie concept.

The look was very cool and the novelty of it made it very special. I mean it was something that I could see ordering or sending as a gift and I think the recipient would be really happy with it.

After the novelty wore off, what you were left was with something that has a lot of potential. The mint didn't add much to this other than give it a strange texture. The macadamia nuts and the teddy cookies were great. The chocolate was nice as well but this wasn't gourmet chocolate. This was like pieces all put together. I don't think the chocolate was homemade. Maybe I am wrong. It would have been better if the chocolate and the toppings were better fused together.

Anyway, this would be a good gift to send someone as a gift and I think with some improvements it could be a big hit.

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