Local Eats: Sutbat Sutbul Galbi




One of my local hangouts to get good Korean barbecue and simple meals is Sutbat Sutbul Galbi. Luckily it is right next to where I work. Here the Galbi is scored and marinated just right and cooked over charcoal for maximum flavor. The dolsot bibimbap comes out crispy on the bottom and with enough vegetables. I also like their naengmyeon .

The interior is nothing special- bright florescent lights and white walls. It makes you want to eat, drink and move on to the next place.

The prices are reasonable. Lunches like soup and rice start at 6,000 won and barbecues at 12,000 won. Their marinated beef is only 24,000 won. Reasonable and good quality.

Sutbat Sutbul Galbi
Seoul Jongno-Gu Nakwon-dong 43

종로구 낙원동 43

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