7 Unusual Things that Travelers Can Do in Korea

Korea is a fun and exciting place. I have been here for 8 years and the cool things that you can do here constantly surprise me. I am quite an adventurer and I want to do what the locals do. Here is a list of cool things that travelers can do that is very unique and that they can do in Seoul.


1. Go to an all you can eat tuna restaurant. There are a number of these all around Seoul and if you sit down and pay a per person fee, you can eat and drink all night long on many different types of tuna sashimi. Koreans think this fish is greasy so they drink glass after glass of soju with it (hence, the bill gets higher). Some places will even give you a special shot made with cactus.

2. Go to a fish market where you can pick out your own fish and then take it to a restaurant where they will cook it. I think this is coolest options that Koreans have at the market. Here you can pick out your own seafood and then take it to a restaurant and tell them how you want it prepared. It doesn’t get any fresher.



3. Go to a special room (a bang) to play all manner of games or even play golf. They have computer bangs, board game bangs (that are secretly poker dens at night but you can play monopoly and jenga there during the day. The game of choice there is texas holdem so bring cash if you want to play.)

4. Shop all night till 5am. The areas of Hongdae and Dongdaemun are open til 5am for shopping and there are always bars, clubs, and food stalls open just about as late. If you don’t want to get sunburned, this is a good option.

5. Get an oriental medicine tonic made from frogs and millipedes. In the oriental medicine street of Jegidong, you can get all manner of medicines made from deer antler, bear bile, corn silk, cactus, laquer wood, turtle, ginseng and more. Just be careful what you say to the doctor.

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