Dark Chocolate Bingsu and Peach and Mint Bingsu at Park Hyatt Hotel

Just because these pictures look so scrumptious, I thought I would share with you the press release from the Park Hyatt Hotel. I think I'll have to head south of the river to try these soon.


- Patbingsu, Berry Bingsu, Dark Chocolate Bingsu, Peach Bingsu -

Offering natural sunlight streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic city views from the 24th floor, Park Hyatt Seoul’s The Lounge presents unique home-made bingsus.  Using ice flakes made of milk, condensed milk, fresh ingredients and chef’s special recipe, four kinds of unique bingsus are exclusive at Park Hyatt Seoul.

“Patbingsu” features home-made organic sweet red beans, chewy Injeolmi (Korean rice cake made from glutinous rice coated with bean flour), soft green tea jelly and rice crisps on top, adding sweetness and a crispy texture.  Extra organic sweet red beans, condensed milk and rice crisps will be provided on the side for guests who prefer a richer flavour.  Using the same milk ice flakes as Patbingsu, “Berry Bingsu” features fresh berries, such as raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, redcurrants and strawberries, along with dark chocolate chunks and crushed pistachio on top, creating a splendid harmony between the refreshing sour berries and the sweet chocolate.  Extra chocolate sauce, berry sauce and whipped cream are also offered for guests who enjoy a sweeter, deeper taste.

The Lounge offers two new additions to the menu with Dark Chocolate Bingsu and Peach Bingsu this summer.  Using highest quality premium chocolate, “Dark Chocolate Bingsu” features chocolate ice cream and rich chocolate sauce on top of the milk ice flakes, and citrus scent of candied and oven-baked orange slices added to complement the sweetness.   Presenting the chewy texture of chocolate sticks, Dark Chocolate Bingsu is served with extra fresh orange, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.  “Peach Bingsu” features white peach slices mixed together with mint leaves and lemon squeeze juice and yogurt ice cream on top to give a cool, refreshing taste. Condensed milk, whipped cream and vanilla sauce are also offered on the side.

Each bingsu serves two persons and are priced from KRW 26,000. Prices are subject to 10% government tax and no service charge applies.

Venue: The Lounge (24th floor)

Time: 12:00 noon – 11:00pm daily

Price: Patbingsu or Berry Bingsu KRW 26,000 serving two persons

Dark Chocolate Bingsu KRW 34,000 serving two persons

Peach Bingsu KRW 38,000 serving two persons

* For more information or reservation: The Lounge (02) 2016-1205·1206

or Park Hyatt Seoul Guest Services (02) 2016-1234

* All prices are subject to a 10% government tax. No service charge applies.

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