Seoul's Summer Food Trends





Some of my predictions for food trends in Korea have come true, but some have not. Waffles are definitely big and so are microbrews. Mexican food seems to be getting bigger as well and so are pies. You can read my report here.

Now some of the hottest food trends now that I have seen are:

/Lemonade in a bag. This is something you'll find on the street at most busy areas. They fill a bag with ice, some sprite ( called cider here) and fill with some fresh squeezed lemon juice. Another variation that has become popular is blueberry lemonade. At a popular coffee stand, Standing Coffee, you can often see a line at least 10 people deep for this. It is lemonade with some blueberry syrup.
/Beer Can chicken is something that I have seem pop up at a number of different places now. There is even a new franchise dedicated to it. I don't know if this will work never well and just seems like a gimmick to sell more beer.
/microbrews are catching on and there are new players trying to catch on to what Craftworks is doing.
/Wine Bingsoo and other higher priced shaved ice desserts are taking stage here.
/Cold Noodles (of course are in).
/Bubble Teas are making a comeback.
/Artisan Bread shops such as Baker's Table, Bread 05, and Retro Oven.
/Smoothie shops like Jamba Juice, Smoothie King and Mango 5.

Not Hot:
/Bubble Bars: Champagne bars.
/Tteokbokki (too hot now)
/stuffed fish bread
/sweet potato cafes

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