Ghetto Omurice and how to get your tea in the morning

I need to stop eating out so much. I know it part of my job, but it is dang unhealthy. Plus, the food I buy often rots before I can eat it and it seriously makes feel wasteful. So I have turned over a new leaf. I have started cooking bachelor meals at home and I spent the weekend writing and doing a bit of relaxing.

Now, with that said, I don't have much in my fridge to cook with. I have a fridge full of condiments and alcohol and a cupboard full of cereal, ramen, and teas. I don't even have a rice cooker (I gave that to my cooking school when we had a big group coming to take the class).

What I did have we're some eggs, some 10 grain mixed rice, and a stone bowl (dolsot). So...what I did was make ghetto Omurice. I made the rice in the stone bowl which is a skill. You have to bowl the rice first with the lid off and then reduce the heat to simmer with the lid off. You have to let the heat settle because the stone retains a lot of heat. Then you would put the lid on part way and then cover and steam.

I took this out of the bowl and topped it with some fried egg and then put a healthy dose of siracha.

For the leftover rice in the bowl, I made green tea scorched rice soup (noriungi tang). You put hot water into the bowl you made the rice in, add a tea bag and then cover. Doing this makes a good after meal digestive and it makes the bowl much easier to clean.





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