Like Korean Pancakes? Come join our Market Study

This is Daniel Gray from O'ngo Food Communications. These days our company is doing some research and
we are looking for different ethnic groups to participate in some market research on developing pancake batters for the overseas markets such as in Europe, South East Asia, and the Middle East.

This research survey seeks to develop products for different markets and that is why it is separated by ethnicities.

The market research will consist of taking part in tasting of
different types of Korean pancakes. The survey and the question would take about 1 hour and it would include food and refreshments.

In compensation for your time we will pay each participant 20,000 won for the survey OR we will take your group out for a short food tour that would include a Korean BBQ dinner.

The days that are available are June 7th (South East Asia ethnicity Group) 4pm ,

June 11th (European ethnicity group) 4pm , June 13th at 4pm (middle eastern ethnicity group).

If you have a group of 8 people of a specific ethnic group, we can be flexible on the date and times.

Contact us at or call at 02-3446-1607 to reserve.


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