Egg Rice for Breakfast at Lotteria and a Croissant from Paris


20120709-080805.jpgI Have a very early private food tour this morning, so I need my coffee. Today I stopped into Lotteria to have my breakfast. Not my normal place to go but the idea of an egg rice intrigued me. It is a fried egg between 2 rice patties that have some veggies and ham( sorry vegetarians). It is a very good little morsel I must say and tastes healthier than an egg McMuffin. This with a coffee for only 3,500 won is dang good. The best part is that the egg tastes like egg and not like plastic. (Coffee could be better though)



My guests are running late so I got a croissant from Paris Croissant. They look very pretty. They have a slightly sweet glaze. It's funny why we pay 2,200 won for air though. :)

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