Comfort Zone - Now Serving Brunch!

I had the chance to visit Comfort Zone yesterday and check out their brand new brunch menu and I must say, I was very happy to be there. I grew up eating this kind of food on the weekends and I miss it. I can only count about a handful of places that offer good American style breakfast food, and I'm glad that Comfort Zone is going to be another spot on that list.

The decor shows that it's been a lounge for the past 10 years, no one is going to mistake it for a romantic brunch location, but it's cozy and friendly. Also, there is a very nice patio area that we were unfortunately unable to enjoy due to some relentless rain. But I plan to make it back there and drink a Bloody Mary out there.

Comfort Zone has been a happening lounge around Hyehwa for the last 11 years, but they just started serving brunch three weeks ago. They have a nice selection. Check here for the full brunch menu.

To kick off their brunch offering, they have made a coupon available through Be sure to check that out if you can speak Korean.

More pictures are available here.

Here's what we had:

Taro Bubble Milk Tea and Bloody Mary

Eggs Benedict

Breakfast Burrito

Big Man's Brunch Set

Every brunch item comes with your choice of two drinks: coffee, orange juice, or milk. We just had coffee.

Some more pictures.

Like Comfort Zone on facebook to stay up to date with future events. I heard their last event was a DJ party where 11 DJs performed and over 800 people showed up.

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More pictures are available here.

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