Culinary Trip To Andong on September 1st. 30,000 won all inclusive!

“Discovering the Specialty foods of Andong City: Yam, Korean Omija and Sang Hwang Mushroom...”

- Date: September 1st, Saturday, 2012

- Place: Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do

- Tour contents:

We’ll journey to beautiful Andong city, which is home to many Korean famous crops such as omija (5-spice berry), Ma (a Korean root vegetable), Sang Hwang Mushroom, and Andong Soju (a homebrewed distilled rice liquor). We’ll see the land, the crops, and the villages that the people live in and learn about the food history of Korea’s medicinal crops and how they can be utilized in the food. Omija, Ma, and Sang-hwang mushroom have deep importance in Korean food culture and they are considered more than just ingredients: they are medicine.

In Andong, you’ll travel by bus led by your English speaking guide from the culinary tourism company, O’ngo Food Communications. After your long ride there, you’ll also get a full-course Andong-style Korean lunch made with local ingredients. You’ll also visit a farm to see the harvesting of Ma by local farmers. We’ll visit Hahoe: Korean folk village and Boo Yong dong. We’ll also visit a local market and  try some local Andong specialties like mackerel and liquors.

- Tour schedule:

7:00 1st assemble at Itaewon in front of McDonalds (Down from Itaewon Station exit 4)

10:10 Arrive at Andong expressway rest area. You can choose to get a snack here.

11:00 Arrive at Gyeongsangbuk-do Farm that specializes in Medicinal Crops

12:00 Arrive at Andong bazar -five day market. (Lunch – Full Course Andong Style Lunch with rice and side dishes.

14:00 Move to Hahoe Hanok village (Korean Traditional Village

14:30 Tour of Hahoe village

15:30 Move to Boo Yong Dae

16:30 Move to the Ma field

17:00 Experience the harvesting of Yams

18:00 Try Korean Traditional Alcohols with Korean Food

19:00 Leave for Seoul

22:00 Arrive at Seoul

Tour fee is 30,000 won (25 USD) All inclusive (Bus, lunch and dinner, snacks, English-guide). Sign up below. Due to limited spaces, we'll only be choosing 12 people. You will be notified by Tuesday. Please fill out this form below.

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