Say Kimchi! Korean Food Comic Sample

I wanted to thank all the people that have pledged money to the Say Kimchi! Korean Food Comic. With 26 days to go we have already raised 175 dollars. The t-shirts seem to be a big hit and many people have pledged in order to get it. I wanted to show you some sample images of the comic that we have done so far. These are the images that Heejeong has drawn. The final version will have color and I think they will turn out quite nice. The purpose of this project is to define, show the process and go into the storytelling of the food. We feel that for some that would just like to browse the pictures they can, but the main idea is for those that would like in-depth knowledge, this will people new to Korean food how to eat it.

When we started to approach this project, we chose foods that were quite fun but experience it from a foreign perspective. Many people that visit Korea they truly want to try Korean food, but they don't know the etiquette and the process behind it. We are not trying to make the food seem too difficult. We don't want to focus on the healthy aspects of it. We want to make the food seem fun to eat and approachable.

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