I am a Watermelon Vampire



20120809-074149.jpg Hi, my name is Dan and I am a watermelon vampire. I guess it all started around July of 2012 as the heat was scorching in the summer. Beer didn't help and neither did water. It was then I bought my first watermelon of the summer and spent the evening eating about half of the 3 kilo melon. I took out huge chunks of the ripe red flesh. First with a spoon, then a bigger spoon, and finally a knife. It was delicious and soul quenching. I slept well and refreshed.

The next night I devoured the rest and in the morning I scoured the streets for my next victim- tapping on the shell to get a sense of the flavor within. The next day I did it again and then the next.

Subsisting on watermelon in the evenings caused my flesh to subside (I have lost almost 3 kilograms) and I feel detoxified. I drink less (the pleasure form a cool melon surpasses that of alcohol) and I feel more focused.

I guess there are worst things to be addicted to.

The one problem is that these days my beloved melon costs 25-28,000 won. If my addiction gets out of hand, you might see watermelons disappear at night. Next year, I shall have to plant and raise my own.

Dan aka the watermelon vampire

PS. The ingenious way of putting the seeds on the side was invented by my friend Jin.

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