Busan is pretty Awesome






My goal this year was to travel more. I feel alive when I am on the move and I feel more motivated. I spent the day in Busan with a tour group eating and showing the sights of the city and I feel elated. Busan is a city full of energy and the food is top notch. When I looked down at the quality of the banchan before me, I realized that Seoul really needs to step up the quality. The kimchi here is crisp and full of flavor, the chilies feel like they have soaked up the sun and the fish is fresh and full of flavor. It's been a long day but a happy day of eating and sharing what I know about Korea with others.

In one of the markets I visited, I had some fried snacks that where amazing. The oil had turned the batter around the stuffed chilies, shrimp and octopus into crystals that disintegrated at first bite. They even had some modern fried snacks such as
American Tweggum
which was mashed potatoes with onion that was battered and fried. LOL.

I highly recommend you take a trip down to Busan while the weather is still amazing.

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