Shabu Shabu at Shabu 63


Shabu Shabu is a good meal to have with friends and on cold days. I had a meeting over at the 63 building and decided to have lunch there with a friend. At the 63 building there are numerous Japanese places and cafes but no Korean places. Anyway, Shabu 63 seemed to be a good choice.

The place is modern looking. A bit upscale and they have those black ceramic induction burners for the soup. We ordered the lunch special (16500 a person). It came with an array of side dishes, veggies, meat and later noodles and mandu.

Meh. I mean the food was fine, but nothing gourmet. The broth was flavorless (a ladle wasn't given to try it). The side dishes were ok as well. The meat was of decent quality. the service was a bit horrendous. We didn't have proper tongs and scissors to start cooking the food. Refills on side dishes took a while. We had to refill our own water (however, this is not a self-service place). What they need to do is to put one of those damn buttons on the tables so servers know where and what to do.

What I am trying to say is that it isn't the best Shabu Shabu place in Seoul. But for a place that is in an upscale atmosphere this is an ok place.

Now can someone recommend for me a really good Shabu Shabu place?


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