Food Diary: Astronauts eat Tuna and Porchetta







It has been another fabulous food week and what I need these is a physical trainer. There have been too many food adventures with my food company and as a food writer. It has been one of best weeks yet that our company has had. On Saturday we had 3 food tours (Jeonju food tour, Andong food tour, and a night dining tour) and a wine event. My stomach sure has had a workout and it is effecting my wardrobe. Today my goal is to head to the gym and burn a bunch of this food off.

Anyway, the best eats I have had so far has definitely have to have been Seoul Bulgogi and Lee Kyu Bok Tuna in Hongdae. Seoul Bulgogi is a feast of enormousity cooked on a copper grill pan over real wood charcoal. Lee Kyu Bok Tuna gets you a feast of tuna with copious amounts of alcohol. If you give a tip to the chefs they might give you a shot of alcohol made with tuna eyeball.

I was also lucky to try Chef Seba's lemon rosemary Porchetta (which can be found at High Street Market). This was amazing and goes great with wine. Kip Richardson of High Street Market brought this to the LTB (Les Toques Blanches)meeting at Suji's where I got to enjoy a great turkey club sandwich.

Finally, just to make my Korean mom happy, I had some simple but wholesome Korean meals as well such as kimchi fried rice. It has been a good food week.

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