Burn Cigar Bar




I think I have found my new man cave. I just have to start liking cigars.

Burn Cigar Bar in Gyeonidan has a wide range of cigars, scotches, and dark rums in a distinguished room that overlooks the madness of the street below. You can easily sit up here and have a drop of something strong and brown while puffing away on a fine Cuban cigar. Sure it might sound like something your father or grandfather might have done but there are reasons for it. They had seen and experienced the world and was brainy enough to not run with the madness of the bar crowds. With a fine scotch and a cigar they could sit back and reflect. I am just romanticizing of course.

I do enjoy a cigar every once in a while but I felt I never appreciated it. The owner Hal said to me, "It's just to enjoy. If you like it then that is all there is to it."

The bar is like a speakeasy and it keeps away those looking for a typical foreigner bar. It seems exclusive, but it is not. The owner and staff are friendly and welcoming, but be courteous of others. They have a great liquor and wine selection which is reasonably priced. Oh, and a great range of cigars.


Lounge and Cigar Bar

2nd Floor Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-2 dong 643


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