Breakfast Buffet at Shilla Hotel



The Shilla hotel has the reputation of being one of the top hotels in Seoul. While I was there yesterday, I saw a number of police escorts. I was told that members of Korea's Royal Family were staying at the Shilla. I didn't know there was any Korean royalty left.

This morning our company was running a taekwondo session at the Shilla Hotel and afterwards I had a chance to enjoy breakfast.

It was quite good. It was a nice buffet spread with bagels, smoked salmon, eggs, fried rice, fruit and more. The quality of the food was good- especially the smoked salmon and the cheese. I have to say it was nice to have a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon in the morning. Their figs, pineapple and grapes were very refreshing in the morning.

The breads were nice as well and they had a good selection of jams for people to try. Their coffee was quite good as well: dark, medium bodied.

There were some things on the buffet I was not willing to try. The scrambled eggs looked like hell and so did the corned beef. I am glad it was a buffet so I could choose what to indulge in.


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