Gourmet Tteokbokki at Mimine



There are some foods you dream about. I have dreams about the crunch of garlic stems I had at Mimine. Wow. I don't know how they do it, they just do it well. The tempura is shatteriffic while not being greasy. The Kimmari is also quite awesome. The individual strands of sweet potato noodles are fried crisp and the wrapped seaweed part is flavorful and moist.

The Tteokbokki is awesome as well. The sauce is balanced- not too sweet and not too spicy. It is also not too thick so it is great for dipping the tempura in.

Mimine is great. It's gourmet. It's also expensive compared to the regular street Tteokbokki (hence, I could seeing people being critical of it). An order of Tteokbokki costs 3500 won and the assorted fried snacks cost 9500 won. The space is cramped, service slow, but the food is totally worth it.

Mapo-gu Seogyodong 367-1 1st Fl

Directions: it is in the Hongdae main parking area near Sang Sang Madang.

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