Don't waste your time at Mother's fish in Insadong

Sure it is heard to open up a restaurant these days. And yes, I know it is a business. However when your approach focuses more on margins and not on the food, I tend to get a bit upset.


Mother's Fish 어머니 생선 in Insadong just opened in a prime location in Insadong. You would think that if they just opened, they would try to wow you with the food. The banchan are subpar and obviously the cheapest they could think of. Limp kimchi, soggy potatoes, stale seaweed laver, and japchae. Meh. It seemed like they decided to make banchan that they think are "foreigner friendly."

Then the fish came. It was dry and cool. It was if they had reheated it and forgot to do it fully.

The kicker was the rice. Mushy rice that didn't have the right pop it should.

Overall, the restaurant doesn't seem to respect it's guests. I think they need to reevaluate why they opened up a restaurant in the first place.

Mother's Fish
Jongno-gu Insadong 36-1 2nd Fl
종로구 인사동 36-1번지 2층



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