Travelling to Bangkok? Here are some foodie recommendations from a Thai Foodie

If you are looking to travel to Thailand and you're looking for some high-end restaurant recommendations that serve authentic Thai fare then here were some recommendations from my buddy Vincent who is a writer and editor out of Bangkok. Here's Vincent:


Hi Travelers to Thailand.

Thailand has a vibrant culinary scene but it might be difficult trying to find good restaurants for special occasions. Here are some of my recommendations for authentic Thai restaurants that have a mix of good atmosphere and food. They are a bit pricier than you would find on the street, but what you are getting is quality.

My first choice for the food would be the tasting menu at Bo.lan (, creative, varied, but not over-the-top. It's the definite foodie choice, though I know one non-foodie who was a little underwhelmed. Attentive service, nice low-key dining room.

A close second, and definitely the prettier restaurant is Lan Na Thai in the Face Bar ( The owners have collected a series of old traditional teak houses, expanded them and fixed them up and put together several restaurants, a bar and a spa on the same site. Food is great, rooms are pretty, though weirdly last time I was there we were the only ones eating and he usually active dining room was completely dead. When you book, make sure you ask for the Thai restaurant. After dinner, decline the cabs waiting outside and walk through the outdoor food stands for a look at another side of Thai food. Thais who otherwise would never eat on the street flock here for noodles, shaved ice and more.

Either place will set you back about $50-60 per person plus drinks.

I can recommend other places, high to medium like the original Ruen Mallika on Sukhumvit (16?, 18?) and even a couple in the high-end shopping mall Siam Paragon: Taling Pling and for Northern food, Cafe Chili.

Oh, and two bars: the Red Sky in the Centara behind Central World, and the bar on top of the Banyan Tree Hotel. Both are gorgeous. The Lebua at State Tower is pretty too, but they have a dress code and a bit of an attitude.

On dress code: No jacket is not a problem in any of these places, but I'd avoid shorts, flip flops and other tourist gear.

If you have any questions about any of these places, or others, just ask!




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